Chinese Intensive Study Abroad Program – Introduction

Update (26/11/2013)

SISU timetable update: Monash短期班日程表2013年 (25 November 2013)

Update (11/11/2013)

SISU timetable update: Monash短期班日程表2013年 (11 November 2013)

Update (01/11/2013)

SISU timetable:   SISU -Monash短期班日程表2013年

UIBE timetable will be available in UIBE on registration day on 1 December.

Update (31/10/2013)

 Chinese Studies PowerPoint presentation at the Pre-departure information session on 01/11/2013:   CSAP2013 Pre-departure CW

Update (23/10/2013)

There is going to be a pre-departure information session jointly run by Chinese Studies, Arts Faculty and Monash Abroad.

When: 11:00am Friday 1 November

Where: CL_11/H6 

Update (2/10/2013)

Please note update to placement test URL

Important update (30/09/13)

  1. Details of the steps in the enrolment process have been clarified. Please read carefully.

  2. Good news: Chinese translation (general) will also be offered at UIBE

  3. Monash Abroad PowerPoint presentation has been uploaded.

  4. Host institutions have confirmed that they will not accept students joining the second three weeks of the program who have not completed the first three weeks.

 Monash Abroad PowerPoint presentation: CSAP Monash Abroad Presentation 2013


We are happy to announce that the Chinese language study abroad program at Shanghai International Studies University and the translation program at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (both commencing 2 December 2013). At both universities the three week programs conclude on 20 December. The six week programs conclude on 14 January 2014.

 UIBE                                                                                                                    SISU

Chinese Intensive Summer Study Abroad Program

  • What?

The Chinese Study Abroad Program is an intensive three or six week program run each year at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing. Studies in language and culture from intermediate to advanced level are available at SISU. UIBE offers translation studies options for students with advanced language proficiency. Both universities have outstanding reputations in foreign language and translation studies teaching and are members of China’s national Project 211 (100 key universities for the 21st century).

Students who meet Faculty entry requirements will be enrolled in 6 point Arts Exchange (AEH) Chinese language study abroad or Chinese translation study abroad second or third year units depending on progression within their degree. Students taking the first three weeks of the program will be enrolled in Chinese language study abroad 1 or Chinese translation study abroad 1. Students taking the full six week program will be enrolled in Chinese language study abroad 1 & 2 or Chinese translation study abroad 1 & 2.

  • Who?

To apply for this program, you must:

  •  be a currently enrolled Monash student at an Australian campus
  • have a good general academic record: WAM of 60 or above.
  • have completed at least Chinese introductory 2 or have equivalent language proficiency (for SISU) OR have completed at least Chinese studies advanced 4, any Chinese translation unit or have equivalent language proficiency (for UIBE)
  • Please note: You will need to have completed 48 points in your course to be eligible for an OS Help loan


  • When?

    • Registration 30 November–1 December 2013
    • Part 1: 2–20 December 2013
    • Part 2: 23 December 2013 –14 January 2014


  • Where?


A globalized and top-notch university in China, SISU has successfully developed a diverse and distinctive mix of disciplines with language and literature as its pillar.

The Hongkou campus, where the program is run, is situated in the centre of Shanghai, on East Tiyuhui Road (东体育会路), to the north of Lu Xun Park, and is accessible from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

Notable alumni include the basketballer Yao Ming 姚明 and the famous actress and director Joan Chen 陈冲.


China’s leading university in the field of economics, finance and international business.

The campus is located between the No. 3 and No. 4 Ring Roads on Huixin East Street (惠心东街)in Chaoyang District in the northern suburbs of Beijing.

Noted alumni include : Lin Jianhai (林建海)- Secretary of International Monetary Fund(IMF), and Zhou Wenzhong (周文重)- Former ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States of America from 2005 to 2010. A member of Faculty, Assistant Professor Liu Huan(刘欢), performed the official theme song “You and Me” with British singer Sarah Brightman at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.


  •  How much?

  • Monash fee statement

The charge for the units in which you enrol will appear on your Monash fee statement. This will vary depending on whether you are enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place, as a Full-fee Domestic Student or as an International Student and will include:

    • Comprehensive travel insurance
    • Tuition fees
    • Textbooks
    • Library Access


  • General expenses

You need to budget for the following:

Visa fee (varies depending on your nationality). Please ensure that your passport has at least six months validity for visa application.

    • Accommodation charges payable in full on arrival:
      • SISU: ¥90 per person per day twin share hotel room
      • UIBE: ¥135 per person per day twin share hotel room or apartment (accom. 4)
    • Airfares
    • Daily living expenses (meals at oncampus cafeterias and local restaurants will be considerably cheaper than in Australia,)
    • Incidentals (public transport, phone/internet/postal charges, etc.


  • Scholarships and travel grants available  

    • all students accepted to participate in the program will receive a Monash Abroad travel grant of either $500 (for the 3 week program) or $900 (for the 6 week program)
    • twenty AsiaBound scholarships of $2,000 (ten for SISU students and 10 for UIBE students) will be awarded. The scholarships are only available to Australian citizens and recipients will be selected by the Chinese Studies Program based on academic merit from students currently enrolled in Chinese studies units (there is no application process).


  • How? What do I do first?

1. Print out WES unofficial academic record to make sure WAM is at least 60.

2. Seek course advice from your managing faculty to ensure that the program fits your course progression

3. Download and complete CSAP application form. Chinese Study Abroad Application 2013-14 (docx)

4. Seek approval from Chinese studies on attendance to the program and on language proficiency.

(i) Students currently enrolled in a Chinese studies unit who have performed at credit level or above will be emailed by their unit coordinator confirming the CSAP class group in which they are eligible to apply. Please print out the email and attach to CSAP application.

(ii) Students who have previously completed a Chinese studies unit provide their WES unofficial academic record and completed CSAP application form to the coordinator of that unit, who will confirm the CSAP class group for which they are eligible.

(iii) With the exception of those who have completed three or more years at a Chinese secondary school (初中以上) all applicants who have never completed a Monash Chinese unit complete the online placement test and/or language background questionnaire (at and will be emailed to confirm the CSAP class group for which they are eligible to apply. Please print out the email and attach to CSAP application. If you have completed three or more years of Chinese secondary school, you are eligible to apply for placement in the Advanced 5 & 6 class group at SISU or the Business Translation group at UIBE. If you fall into this category, please email:

 Mr Chunming Shan: Room S515, Building 11, Monash Clayton campus. Phone: 9905 5365 email: (office consultation Thurs 3 Oct)

 OR Mrs Hailan Paulsen: Room S518, Building 11, Monash Clayton campus. Phone: 9905 8066 email: (office consultation Tues 1 Oct and Wed 9 Oct)


5. Students from outside the Faculty of Arts submit the CSAP application form and Chinese studies confirmation of class group allocation to their managing faculty for approval. DEADLINE Wed 9th October

Your faculty will in most cases not stamp the form on the spot. Your faculty will either advise you to come back to collect the form or advise that the form will be sent on to Arts. If your approved form is returned to you, please make sure you submit to Arts Students services by the  DEADLINE Fri 11th Oct

Faculty of Arts students submit the CSAP application form and Chinese studies confirmation of class group allocation to Arts Student Services, Level 1, Building 11, Clayton, or Level 5, Building H, Caulfield. DEADLINE Fri 11th Oct


6. After receiving email confirmation from the Faculty of Arts that you have been accepted into the program, please complete the Monash Abroad International Study Program (ISP) form.   DEADLINE 4pm Fri 25th Oct

7. Monash Abroad will email three documents to students necessary for visa application: 1. Generic invitation letter from host university. 2. A generic letter from Monash Abroad confirming their acceptance in the program. 3. A visa application form sample.

Non-PRC citizens should visit the following website, which provides a user-friendly guide to the visa application process.


  • Contacts for Enquiries

    • Chinese Studies Student Enquiries:

                        Ms Candy Wang, Room S521 Clayton Building 11,

                                    Phone: 9902 0212 Email:

    • Faculty Enquiries:

                        Arts: Ms Erin Quigley

                                    Phone: 9905 9342 Email:

                        BusEco (Caulfield): Ms Amy Deang

                                    Phone 9903 2083 Email:

                        Other Faculties: Faculty Student Services

    • Monash Abroad Enquiries:

                        Ms Tracy de Silva

                                    Phone: 9905 3054 Email:

  •  FAQ

    • Why do I need to complete two enrolment processes?  

The Faculty enrolment process confirms your unit enrolment. The Monash Abroad application confirms your participation in study abroad and will facilitate such things as your travel insurance, travel grant, scholarship eligibility and invitation letter.

    • I have never studied Chinese before. Can I apply for CSAP?

Yes, provided you have intermediate level proficiency as determined by the placement test.

    • What unit code do I need to choose

You do not need to choose a unit code. The Faculty will enrol you in the appropriate AEH code based on your class group allocation and course progression.

    • What credit and grade will I receive for my study?

Credit will be approved by the Chinese studies program. You will receive 6 credit points for each three week component of the program succesfully completed. AEH units are only graded on a Pass/Fail (SFR/N) basis.

    • How will I receive my travel grant?

If you are accepted in the program, your travel grant will be paid to your bank account after completion of the Monash Abroad ISP application.

    • How will I know whether I have received a scholarship?

You will be notified by email.

    • Do I need to apply for a visa?

Unless you are a PRC citizen, you will need to apply for a visa

    • What if I miss a deadline?

Because of the tight timeline, deadlines need to be strictly enforced. Unfortunately, if you miss a deadline, you will not be eligible to participate in the program. 

    • When should I make my airline booking?

Only after receiving email confirmation from the Faculty of Arts that you have been accepted into the program

    • Will I be able to choose my room-mate?

According to PRC law, individuals of opposite gender who are not married cannot share a room. Due to the large number of participants, once rooms have been allocated no change will be allowed during the program


 Please check this site regularly for updates about the program and application procedures.