Indonesian A2

Spoken Interaction
Spoken Production
Written Production
A2 CFER I can understand phrases and the highest frequency vocabulary related to areas of most immediate personal relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). I can catch the main point in short, clear, simple messages and announcements. I can read very short, simple texts. I can find specific, predictable information in simple everyday material such as advertisements, prospectus, menus and timetables and I can understand short simple personal letters. I can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities. I can handle very short social exchanges, even though I can’t usually understand enough to keep the conversation going myself. I can use a series of phrases and sentences to describe in simple terms my family and other people, living conditions, my educational background and my present or most recent job. I can write a series of simple phrases and sentences linked with simple connections like ‘and’, ‘but’, and ‘because’.
A2+ In ATS2114, I can understand extended speech and follow general lines of argument provided the topic is familiar. I can understand the basic factual points in radio and TV news broadcasts. I am able to answer detailed questions and do vocabulary exercises related to the audio files studied during the semester. In ATS2114, I can read and understand general journalistic texts about contemporary and traditional culture with the assistance of a dictionary, (400-600 words). I can draw general understanding from a literary text written in standard Indonesian related to modern themes. In ATS2114, I can participate in discussions on familiar topics and provide a simple coherent opinion related to my personal experience. I can begin to describe specific characteristics of a fictional character from a play or traditional tale. In ATS2114, I can express ideas and opinions in a short presentation related to topics covered during the semester and my own cultural background and answer questions spontaneously. In ATS2114, I am able to write about aspects of Indonesian cultural experiences such as traditional tales and Wayang theatre, express the opinion of others as well as myself in a more qualified fashion including markers of condition, and exception.
A2 In ATS2113, I can understand phrases and the highest frequency vocabulary related to areas of immediate personal relevance such as personal and family information, shopping, campus geography. I   have a global understanding of video and audio files that talk about family, friends and everyday events or cultural celebrations. I can catch the main point in short, clear, simple messages and announcements In ATS2113, I am able to read short simple texts (of approximately 300 words) written in a standard register. I am able to extract simple relevant information and understand basic written information about everyday life as reported in the press. I am able to comprehend short simple cultural texts (200-300 words) In ATS2113, I can participate in short social exchanges based on role play. At the end of semester, I can interact for 10mins in an open dialogue on specific topics of general interest learned during the semester, though I will need some prompting and assistance to keep the conversation going. In ATS2113, I will be able to make a 10 min presentation with the use of notes and slides on a prepared topic related to travel and personal interests as part of my formal oral assessment for the semester. In ATS2113, I am improving my ability to produce more complex compound sentences on themes studied in the unit. I am able to write coherently and cohesively using simple grammatical structures or with imperfect structures but without losing meaning. I am required to write 2-3 sustained writing pieces of about 250 words in my final exam.