MOA – Korean/English parallel concordancer

Please note that MOA is not currently available.

MOA, Korean/English parallel concordancer, has been created to help Korean learners to develop vocabulary and raise their awareness of grammar and help teachers to develop vocabulary and grammar exercises with ease.

MOA enables us to create a list of occurrences of a word or phrase printed with a context. In other words, learners are able to see lots of examples of a word or phrase in their contexts. They can get a much better understanding on the use of a word or phrase by seeing lots of examples of them.

Considering that there is no on-line dictionary for Korean learners available at the moment, MOA will be able to function as a dictionary as well thanks to its parallel concordance capability.

MOA enables teachers to get lots of examples for a word or phrase and to create cloze exercises with ease. First, run a search on a word and phrase with the gapping function on. Second, copy and paste the search results into your own word processor and do whatever editing is necessary. Finally, distribute the completed exercise to students and ask them to supply the word or phrase needed to complete the sentences given.

The principle of MOA is very simple, but it has many possibilities for language learning and teaching other than mentioned above.

A Word on MOA’s Corpus

At the moment, the texts used for MOA concordances are from Monash Korean textbooks. If you have any Korean/English parallel texts which you want to contribute to the corpus, please contact us.

For further information on MOA, please e-mail InJung Cho.