Korean Language Education Clearinghouse

The Korean Language Education Clearinghouse was started in 2003 by Korean@Monash, funded by the Korea Foundation, to help share and distribute Korean language learning materials and information worldwide.

KLEC aims to provide a wide range of resources and services for Korean language educators and learners, mostly free of charge. Planned resources and services include the following:

  • Images such as photos and clipart
  • Computer-assisted learning materials
  • Language learning activities
  • On-line workshop for Korean language educators
  • Language learning software
  • Consultation for the development of computer-assisted learning activities and materials

KLEC seeks resources to be used for Korean language and culture education. For further information, see ‘Friends, Partners and Sponsors’ on our Homepage.

Project Team

Director: Dr Young A Cho

Manager: Dr In Jung Cho

Assistant: Andrew Carter

Computer Programming (MOA): Christopher Baker

Advisory Committee

KLEC Advisory Committee is made up of Korean language educators and learners, who advise and assist us with the development and promotion of KLEC.