Welcome to Korean Studies

History of Korean Studies at Monash

Korean was identified as one of the four key Asian languages in the 1987 Australian Government’s National Policy on Languages alongside Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian. Korean language teaching was first started at Monash University in the late 1980s with Mr Jason Woo. Dr Adrian Buzo joined the staff as Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies shortly aftewards.  In 1991, Dr In-jung Cho and Dr Young-a Cho came to Monash to expand the Korean programme. Both applied linguists by training, they greatly expanded the language programme creating their own series of six textbooks tailored to the needs of Monash University Korean language students. The textbooks teach all four skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing systematically. The Chos also developed extensive online learning materials that are freely available to both students and the general public. In addition, the Chos initiated a Korean translation course for advanced level students of Korean.

Korea is one of Australia’s largest trading partners and the relationship between the two countries is constantly developing and expanding in a number of sectors, including trade, education and tourism. This means that employment opportunities are increasing for graduates with knowledge and skills in Korean language, culture and society. Korean Studies has been taught at the University since 1988. Our undergraduate program is designed to provide a solid foundation in Korea-related fields, and aims to help students acquire not only Korean language competency but also other valuable skills, such as intercultural communication skills. We also take pride in our innovative teaching as well as strong commitment to research. Opportunities for graduates in Korean Studies are diverse, including employment in fields such as trade, commerce, international relations, translation/interpretation, technology, government, education, tourism, and community services.