Keyboard Warriors?

Military operations in the Information Age:
Opportunities and Challenges

30-31 March 2017
Monash Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

The conference featured speakers from the Australian, US and British militaries, law enforcement and emergency services, government, think tanks, the corporate sector, academics and the fourth estate. Over two days of presentations and workshops they considered the lessons the military might take from their experiences working in the digital environment and turning social media platforms to their differing needs.

The conference included Keynotes from Dr Christopher Paul of the RAND Corporation and the former Director General of ASIO and ASIS, David Irvine. There were panels on ‘best practice’ in countering violent extremism in the information environment; organising to achieve optimal information effects; how social media impacts the mainstream media’s coverage of defence; as well as reflections on their experiences from those who have employed social media in crisis management and military operations.

Whether dealing with the incursion of information age practices or planning how best to distribute and deploy them, the conference provided an opportunity to hear from experts in the field, to pose questions, participate in debate and to network with colleagues from across the public and private sectors facing similar challenges.