Books on Japan, the Japanese Studies Centre’s series of monographs, are available from the Monash Asia Institute Press.

Linguists in Uniform: The Japanese Experience by Colin Funch, 2003, published by and available for purchase from the Japanese Studies Centre (Paperback $38.50 (includes gst) plus postage).

Linguists in Uniform traces the history of the making of military linguists in the Japanese language in the context of the World War Two and the Pacific War. It presents an overview of the earliest language training at military colleges in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and America; and of the prevailing official attitudes regarding the importance of utilising skilled language personnel during wartime. The book provides an insight into the valuable work carried out by a special group of men and women in language intelligence beyond Australia, in the Southwest Pacific area and during the Occupation of Japan.

Online Papers

  • Associate Professor Shuya Kushida, Osaka Kyoiku Uniersity 2003, “Chuui and resistance: preliminary notes on competent use of rules in interactions between childcare workers and children.” [full paper]
  • Professor Ichiro Toyama, Aichi Prefectural University, 2003, Mythology of the unbroken line of Japanese Kings [full paper]
  • Professor Tomosaburo Yamauchi, Osaka Women’s College, 2002, Environmental ethics and the belief that ‘the whole of creation possesses Buddhahood’.[full paper]
  • Professor Nobutaka Oba, Hiroshima Shudo University, 2000, “I have no intention of discrimination, but . . . ” – Toward a Sociology of Knowledge about Discrimination [full paper]