Photographs from the JSC Special Seminar 14 May 2014

photo 1
Interpreting in Zones of Conflict: Beatrice Trefalt, Marc Orlando and Kayoko Takeda

Members of the Japanese Studies and Translation and Interpreting Studies communities at LLCL were deeply engaged with a joint presentation from the  Faculty Visiting Distinguished Scholar Prof. Kayoko Takeda (Rikkyo University, Japan),  Marc Orlando (T & I) and Beatrice Trefalt (Japanese/ Asian Studies).

Their presentation, entitled INTERPRETING IN ZONES OF CONFLICT, included discussion about the roles and status of interpreters through history; the changing conceptions of the role of interpreters and translators for the Japanese Imperial army; and the historical context of  B and C class war crimes trials in the Asian region after World War II.

Thanks to Bea and Marc for organising the events, and to the Faculty of Arts for its generous sponsorship.  Thanks also go to Prof Takeda for travelling to Monash for this collaborative project. We look forward to further interactions!

photo 2
Prof. Takeda’s visit, sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, consisted of a master class, this collaborative seminar, and a public lecture
photo 4
Japanese Studies and Translation and Interpreting Studies Programs came together in fruitful discussion


Dr. Trefalt chaired the afternoon’s proceedings