JSC Seminar Series

Welcome to the Japanese Studies Centre seminar series!

The seminars, unless noted otherwise, are held in the Japanese Studies Centre Auditorium.

Semester 1 2018

Wednesday 7 March 12:30 pm
Carolyn Stevens, Monash University
The Beatles in Japan

Wednesday 21 March 4:00 pm
Takamichi Mito, Kwansei Gakuin University:  Ideas, Interests and Institutions
Why is gender equality difficulty to achieve in Japan

Wednesday 11 April 4:00 pm
Rosemary Overell, University of Otago
Queer Identity and Hikikomori Issues

Wednesday 6 June 4:00 pm NOTE NEW TIME
Beatrice Trefalt, Monash University
Tokyo Trials

Recent and forthcoming seminars:

  • A group of new and old friends gathered to hear our Monash colleague speak about her ongoing research on the Tokyo trials on 6 June 2018 . It was great to see Jim Breen back in the Centre, and we welcomed Alison Tokita back from her time in Japan.  Show Trial? The International Military Tribunal… Read more
  • The Japanese Studies Centre (JSC) was pleased to host Dr. Rosemary Overell from the Department of Media, Film and Communication at the University of Otago on 11 April 2018. Her insightful comments about this emerging social problem captured the interest of staff and students alike. This presentation considered hikikomori as willful subjects. The hikikomori are a portion of the… Read more
  • During the week of 7-9 March, the Japanese Studies Centre (JSC) featured two Beatle-themed events to kick off the 2018 seminar series. The first was an academic launch of the JSC director Carolyn Stevens‘ new book, The Beatles in Japan.  The volume was introduced by Dr. Tina Weller (German Studies) with commentary from the School… Read more

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