Photos from the ​30 ​May 2017 event “New Acquisitions for the Monash University Collection: Prints by Yuji Isa”

The Japanese Studies Centre was pleased host the new Consul General of Japan, Mr. Kazuyoshi Matsunaga, to the Japanese Studies Centre to celebrate the donation of four valuable prints by artist Yuji Isa by long time colleague Ms. Yoko Pinkerton. Kirrily Hammond is Curator – Collection at Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA), and her introduction of the collection and how these prints accent and complement existing holdings was very informative and reminded us of the valuable pieces in the museum’s collection.

Attendees were also able to view the prints in situ, in a Japanese themed environment.

The Japanese Studies Centre gratefully acknowledges the kind generosity of Mr. Isa’s sister, Ms. Yoko Pinkerton, and her family for this valuable donation.  Ms. Pinkerton was  the first university instructor in Japanese at Monash in 1967, and was also instrumental in establishing the Translating and Interpreting Studies program here.
The Artist, Mr. Yuji Isa, and one of his recent works.
Ms Hammond discussing printing techniques used in the first of the two donated pieces.
The second pair of prints reflect a more representative style.
Two of the prints in the JSC board room, reflecting light from the rock garden
Associate Professor Beatrice Trefalt and Consul General Kazuyoshi Matsunaga