Student Publishing

It is important for students to strive publish their work. The more you publish the better your CV will look when you come to find a job. At Monash, we provide mojo,  Dangerous Ground and the Melbourne Tribune to make your journalism available to the public. We also help and encourage you to publish in more mainstream media. Journalism is in strict accordance with the Australian Journalists’ Code of Ethics.


mojo_logo_new_redmojo is an independent news and current affairs website publishing professionally-edited multimedia news, features, comment and analysis written and produced by Monash Journalism.

It is a showcase for student work and an opportunity to build a professional portfolio, and to learn from and publish alongside professional journalists.

Dangerous Ground

Dangerous Ground logoThe Dangerous Ground website enables interested students to work on serious investigations involving environmental regulation in Victoria. Students can upgrade their investigative reporting assignments or work on new stories. They work in teams under the supervision of Senior Lecturer Bill Birnbauer, who was an investigative reporter and an editor at The Age and The Sunday Age.


Melbourne Tribune

Melbourne TribuneThe Melbourne Tribune is a local digital magazine that reports on the issues affecting the residents of Melbourne. The Melbourne Tribune, in its first year of operation,  is  produced by Monash’s Digital Journalism students. The  students will work locally to capture the latest news throughout Greater Melbourne.

Julie Tullberg is the editor of Melbourne Tribune.