Student Experience

Hear what students have to say about studying journalism at Monash.

Rhiana Whitson

“What makes Monash University’s course better than the others? It’s the teachers. They know what it’s like to work as journalists. It’s inspiring to learn from people who have excelled in their careers.The course’s strong focus on multiplatform journalism, such as online, social media, video, radio is another asset to anyone looking for a career in journalism. While I was a student at Monash I completed internships at the Herald Sun, Crikey, Fairfax Community Network, Triple R and 3CR. I also contributed to the Dangerous Ground student investigative journalism website.”

– Rhiana Whitson, ABC

Caroline Zielinski

“One of the best features of the degree is the fact that a lot of the tutors have actually worked in journalism, or are working journalists at the moment. I found the best thing for me, and for other students studying the degree, is to talk to them. Talk to people who have been in the industry and know what is going on, ask their advice.”

Caroline Zielinski, The Age

Mo Lin

“I’m originally from China and I’m now working at SBS. I think Monash University helped me to become a working journalist because it has lots of great teachers who are willing to help you. For international students there is an international student co-ordinator who can provide consultations regarding assignments and also some pressing personal issues. So, i think if you have set your determination and are prepared to work hard, Monash University Journalism school is really a good choice.”

– Mo Lin, SBS

Louis Nelson

“I’m a journalist at the Latrobe Valley Express, a Fairfax regional paper in Gippsland. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash in off campus mode. I think it is a top degree. The amount of enthusiasm and expertise that the staff bring to the degree is fantastic. If you are proactive about it they’re going to respond to that and help you maximise on whatever potential you’ve got as an up and coming journalist. I would recommend it strongly. A degree is very important for anyone wanting to get into the industry these days, because they are looking for the most broadly skilled candidates.”

– Louis Nelson, Latrobe Valley Express

Katie Weiss

Kate Weiss
Kate Weiss

“The Monash course has given me indispensable tools to succeed in the competitive media industry, and I am forever indebted to it. Lecturers in the course generously introduced me to invaluable contacts, job opportunities and, most importantly, gave me vital skills to source work and remain on top of my game.”

– Katie Weiss, freelance political reporter

Ashley Argoon

Ashley Argoon“I have no doubt strong support and encouragement from staff at Monash is the main reason I now have a journalism cadetship. My degree provided me with the challenge, the skills, and the instruction I needed to succeed. It taught me that with commitment and perseverance, you can achieve what you think are some of the most unattainable goals.”

– Ashley Argoon, Border Mail, Albury-Wodonga

Chris Kohler

Chris Kohler“Doing a Master of Journalism and International Relations at Monash has been valuable and worthwhile. This course was engaging and challenging, with some of thefinest teachers I’ve ever come across. I now head into journalism with confidence and am excited to apply my knowledge. Also, electing to complete a half-thesis in my final semester has been excellent, with great one-on-one time with an expert in the field I chose to research.”

Chris Kohler, Business Spectator

Fenella Wagener

Fenella Wagener“Thanks to Monash and its incredible teaching staff, I feel I’m very prepared to enter the world of journalism. I know what makes a good news story and how to write and interview as well as seek interviewees among many other things… I’ve also made some fantastic contacts along the way who have helped me network and work in the industry. I’ve also made some amazing life-long friends.”

– Fenella Wagener, 3AW


 Emma D’Agostino

Emma Dagostino“My Journalism major instilled me with my passion for my career. I fell in love with news writing during my first semester of study, and each subsequent unit strengthened that zeal. It was the amalgamation of Monash’s inspiring, dedicated staff and relevant, practical course content that snared me. I have occasion to be grateful for the experiences and opportunities my degree gave me every day.”

– Emma D’Agostino, Border Watch, Mount Gambier

Daniel Tran

Daniel Tran“The Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University was an excellent program that not only fuelled my passion for being a journalist but also helped me find a foothold in the industry.  The degree was extremely relevant and comprehensive but what made it outstanding was the level of support from the seasoned journalists and producers that made up the teaching staff. Their impressive backgrounds coupled with brilliant teaching and a desire to see students succeed made all the difference.”

– Daniel Tran, ABC