Master of Journalism

When you study a Master of Journalism at Monash you will work with award-winning journalists and academics who have strong industry links. They will help you to understand the essence of journalism and to master the specialist technical skills a modern journalist needs. They will teach you about the role of journalism in society, because it is important to understand why as well as how. Find out more about the units offered here.

 You might be a lawyer who would like to retrain as a crime reporter. You might be a trained artist looking for a career as a reviewer. You could even be an economist seeking a regular byline in the financial pages.

This course caters for people with no prior journalism experience. All you need is a good undergraduate degree. It also caters for journalists wanting to upgrade their skills.


We offer a few different journalism masters degrees, and you can choose to study full time or part time. You can study on campus via Monash, or study the same course off campus via OUA. For more details visit the handbook.

To find out more or to apply contact Arts Graduate student co-ordinator or Associate Professor

What the students think

 “One of the best features of the degree is the fact that a lot of the tutors have actually worked in journalism, or are working journalists at the moment. I found the best thing for me, and for other students studying the degree, is to talk to them. Talk to people who have been in the industry and know what is going on, ask their advice.”

Caroline Zielinski, The Age

Kate Weiss

Katie Weiss

 “The Monash course has given me indispensable tools to succeed in the competitive media industry, and I am forever indebted to it. Lecturers in the course generously introduced me to invaluable contacts, job opportunities and, most importantly, gave me vital skills to source work and remain on top of my game.”

Katie Weiss, freelance political reporter




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