International Focus

Students who study Monash Journalism can be confident that they are studying a course that is respected internationally.

Through the Monash Abroad program, the university provides financial and administrative support for students to travel overseas for study purposes and have those studies included in their Monash degree.

The Monash Journalism program is deeply collaborative. We have links with Research Institutes and Centres for Investigative Journalism in the USA, including the Centre for Investigative Reporting in San Francisco and the Centre for Public Integrity in Washington.  We have continuing links for student and staff exchanges with European universities.

We are also prominent participants in the Australian Consortium for In-country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) program. This programme gives students the opportunity to gain experience in professional media outlets in Indonesia.

International students

Students from around the globe, especially from Asia, choose to study Journalism at Monash. Melbourne is a multicultural city and there are some media outlets here that are looking for bilingual journalists.

The journalism degree from Monash is respected world-wide and many international students return home, after completing the degree, to find work in their home country. The journalism and English skills learnt during the degree help create employable young journalists.

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