Who is eligible to apply for the exchange programs and scholarships?

  • Arts students who have completed or are due to complete 48 credit points of study at Monash before commencing the exchange program (If you are not an Arts student, please see the Monash Abroad website for your home faculty’s requirements)
  • Students who have a credit average (60%) minimum (higher grade requirements apply for some universities)
  • Students who have an active enrolment at Monash, and have obtained approval from the faculty to apply
  • If you are accepted by a Japanese university, you are going to Japan as a Monash student. You should NOT defer totally from Monash University.

Please see Monash University’s overall eligibility requirements for further details.

Students who are able to study a full-time load of Japanese language or cultural units in Japan and have them credited towards their Monash degree. A full-time load is defined as 18-24 credit points per semester.

For honours students, a full-time load for the purposes of exchange to Japan is defined as 24 credit points per year. In some cases it is possible to gain credit for other areas of study whilst on exchange to Japan. Please contact Monash Abroad for more details.