When, what and at which university can you study?


Students usually go on exchange from the second semester in the second year, or from the first semester in the third year.

All places are for the duration of six to twelve months, but usually scholarships will be given to students studying in Japan for one year.


The majority of Monash students participate in an exchange program conducted in English at a host university. The students can study units in Japanese language, Japanese studies, and possibly other areas. Please see the partners website and its links for details.

A student with intermediate Japanese language competence and majoring in Japanese can participate in a dedicated Japanese Studies Program (日本語日本文化研修生プログラム), which is offered by some partner universities.

A student with very high proficiency in Japanese, equivalent to N1 (in some cases N2) of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), may be allowed to take units conducted in Japanese. However, because of the language barrier, other Monash faculties and schools do not usually give credits for these units. In that case, any unit conducted in Japanese could be counted as a Monash Japanese language unit. Please see the JLPT website for details.


See Japanese exchange universities for details on partner universities exchange students can attend.