What is Japanese Studies?

Most students who are studying Japanese language have a keen interest in the country where that language is spoken. The Monash Japanese Studies program offers students a major or minor in Japanese studies, as well as in Japanese language. It is a great advantage to do some units which allow you to learn about the culture and society of the country of the language you are studying, or more about the language and communication system itself.

You can study the issues at your current intellectual level, unrestricted by limited language. The Japanese Studies major is interdisciplinary, exposing you to a variety of academic approaches. It is an excellent preparation for Honours and for Postgraduate study in Japanese.

As an alternative to a full major or minor in Japanese studies, one or two units of Japanese studies at second or third year level can be taken as electives towards your language major, or towards your overall degree.

What Level of Japanese Should I Enrol In?

Japanese Studies handbook entry – For information on course structure and available units

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Diploma in Languages

The Diploma in Languages is an extra undergraduate qualification that can be taken while studying another degree. It is the equivalent of a language major (48 points of study) and is appropriate for both beginners and those with a language background, as there are several entry levels. Languages offered are Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

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