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  • Chinese, Japanese & French languages graduate Sarah Holloway co-founded Matcha Maiden, a global e-commerce organic matcha powder supplier, and about a year ago started the physical venue Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, soon opening in Sydney. Sarah shares her experience making the most of Monash’s global exchange opportunities with her language studies and how this advantaged ... Read more
  • When Students usually go on exchange from the second semester in the second year, or from the first semester in the third year. All places are for the duration of six to twelve months, but usually scholarships will be given to students studying in Japan for one year. What The majority of Monash students participate in an exchange program ... Read more
  • Scholarships are very competitive; approximately 30 percent of Monash exchange students going to Japan receive the AIEJ Scholarship, Japanese Studies Scholarships, or a host university scholarship. Please note that the scholarships listed here are only those whose applications are organised by the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics as part of our exchange program. Information about ... Read more
  • Application forms Students need to complete both a Monash Abroad exchange application and also a Japanese exchange scholarship application. Both forms can be downloaded from the Monash Abroad website. Selecting a university Applying to go on exchange to Japan differs from other countries because students do not select just one university. Instead, students must list the universities in order ... Read more
  • What are the merits of going on exchange to Japan? °  Improving Japanese language competence °  Developing understanding of Japanese culture, society and people °  Making friends with local and international students from all over the world. Many students claim that one of the best and unexpected outcomes of exchange in Japan was making very good friends from ... Read more
  • 1. Enrolment details for study abroad units in Japan Please fill in the form below and return it with a copy of relevant unit information to the Coordinator of Japanese Exchange Programs as soon as your enrolment details are decided – at the latest no later than one month after you arrive in Japan. This is very ... Read more