Student Success in the Japanese Speech Contest in Victoria 2015

The 46th Japanese Language Speech Contest 2015 (Victorian Final) was held at the University of Melbourne on Sunday 13 September with 14 Monash students participating. Congratulations to the students and to the staff who helped them prepare their speeches and supported them on the day. The overall standard was very high and the Open Division was very competitive.
The atmosphere of the contest was great and many participants, supporters and guests enjoyed the reception after the contest. It was my pleasure to hear that students including non-award-winning students commented that it had been worth making an effort and that they had learned a lot through the process.
Monash participants and prizes are:
Open Beginner Division:

  • Lu Ee Hew (Introductory 2) Anime Heroアニメの勇者」(2nd Prize)
  • Xiasen Sun (Introductory 2) My life「将来はどこ?」 
  • Shuer Deng (Introductory 2) Marriage is not a necessity「結婚しなければなりませんか」
  • Thanh Nguyen (Intermediate 2) The way of Fighting games「ストのやり方 」(1st Prize)
  • Yie Chinn Pun (Post-Proficient 2) Struggle is the key to success苦労は、成功への鍵です」(3rd Prize)
Open Division:
  • Nicholas Andrew Pappas (Proficient 2) Preciousness of dialects「方言の尊さ」 (1st Prize)
  • Jacqueline Dejong (Advanced 2) The death penalty and national sentiment in Japan「日本の死刑制度と国民感情」(2nd Prize)
  • Hiu Fung Jeff Tang (Advanced 2) My turning point inspired from parents「両親から、僕の転機」
  • James Peter Lacy  (Advanced 2) My journey「僕の旅」
  • Yin Kee Tan (Advanced 2) Face your fear!「恐怖に立ち向かおう!」
  • Matthew Alexander Battaglene  (Advanced 2) Meetings and partings「出会いと別れ」 (Keiko Hongo Prize)
  • Alexander Haydon McLeish (Post-Advanced 2) Four things I learnt studying Japanese日本語を勉強して分かった4つのこと (3rd Prize)
  • Erika Chen  (Post-Advanced 2) Japanese formality「敬語」(Background Speaker Division Prize)