Academic Staff – Japanese Studies

Dr Jeremy Breaden

  • BA(Hons), LLB (Hons), PhD (Melbourne)
  • Higher education policy and management, anthropology and sociology of Japan, Japanese-English translation

Dr Shimako Iwasaki

  • PhD (UCLA)
  • Conversation analysis: interaction analysys (language, culture and social interaction): interactional linguistics: gesture and embodiment (talk and the body): applied linguistics

Dr Jason Christopher Jones

  • BA (DePaul University), MA (Osaka University), PhD (Osaka University)
  • Cultural adaptation in Japanese film, manga, and animation; translation; subtitling

Dr Naomi Kurata

  • BA (Japan Women’s University), MA, PhD (Monash)
  • Second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, teaching Japanese as a foreign language

Dr Satoshi Nambu

  • PhD (Osaka University)
  • Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Syntax

Dr Robyn Spence-Brown

  • BA(Hons), DipEd, MA (Monash), PhD (Melbourne)
  • Language acquisition; language assessment; intercultural interaction

Professor Carolyn Stevens

  • PhD Columbia University, 1995
  • Disability, social welfare and maternal and child health care in Japan

Dr Shani Tobias

  • BA(Hons), LLB (Victoria University of Wellington), PhD (Monash)
  • Translation and interpreting studies

Dr Beatrice Trefalt

  • BA(Hons) (La Trobe), PhD (Murdoch)
  • 20th century Japanese history