Manga Studies: A symposium celebrating 10 years of the JSC Manga Library at Monash

Manga Studies

The spread of Japanese manga across the globe has attracted intense attention and Manga Studies has developed as an international, multidisciplinary field that attracts scholars from a broad variety of areas of study, from the visual arts to linguistic fields and social sciences. The reality and potential of the image-text medium of manga endures, challenges, and fascinates us as both readers and scholars.

The Japanese Studies Centre Manga Library

The JSC Manga Library at Monash University is a cultural and academic facility that promotes research and interest in the popular Japanese culture of manga. Established in November of 2002, as part of the Japanese Studies Centre, it was the first venue of its kind in Australia and provides a unique environment and opportunity within Melbourne to access Japanese popular culture, offering an extensive collection of over 7,000 Japanese manga and other related texts such as magazines, novels and research material.

This year in celebration of the 10th year anniversary of the library the Japanese Studies Centre will be hosting a Manga Studies symposium, a multidisciplinary event that and aims to attract scholars from a broad variety of areas of study.

Call for Papers

Abstracts for 20 minute papers considering all aspects of Manga Studies are welcomed for submission by Monday the 30th of July, 2012.

Please download the Call for Papers for further information and submission requirements.

Related Events

A manga art exhibition and other exciting cultural events are also planned for the symposium weekend. Further related event information will be made available on the Manga Library homepage.

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