How can students apply for exchange programs?

Application forms

Students need to complete both a Monash Abroad exchange application and also a Japanese exchange scholarship application. Both forms can be downloaded from the Monash Abroad website.

Selecting a university

Applying to go on exchange to Japan differs from other countries because students do not select just one university. Instead, students must list the universities in order of preference on the Japanese Exchange Scholarship form. The selection committee will then decide which university to you will be nominated for. Please write the university of your first preference on the top of the study plan in the Monash Abroad application.

Study plan

Because you do not know which university you will be going to, you cannot fill in the unit titles on the proposed study plan in the Monash Abroad application form, so leave this blank. Fill in the unit names of the Monash Japanese Studies or Language units that you wish to get credit for (e.g. Japanese Advanced 2, a third year Japanese language elective, a third year Japanese Studies unit, etc.) and arrange to see Dr Hashimoto to get them approved. You will be enrolled in Arts exchange units listed below for both Japanese language and Japanese/Asian studies units. You then need to take your study plan to the exchange adviser at the Arts faculty office to get it signed off at the bottom of the page.

  • AEH2001/3001 – Arts Exchange Unit – 6 points
  • AEH2002/3002 – Arts Exchange Unit – 6 points
  • AEH2003/3003 – Arts Exchange Unit – 6 points
  • AEH2004/3004 – Arts Exchange Unit – 6 points
  • ATS4131 – LCL Language Study Abroad 1 (Honours)
  • ATS4132 – LCL Language Study Abroad 2 (Honours)

Please remember that you need to enrol in at least 18 points of study abroad subjects per semester while you are in Japan (12 points for Honours students).

Once you have arrived in Japan, and have confirmed the units you will be studying, you will need to inform Dr Hashimoto. When you return to Australia, you need to bring back copies of any assessment that you submit to the Japanese university, to ensure that you can gain credit for your studies in Japan. More information about this will be given at the Pre-Departure session for successful applicants.

For double degree students

As well as getting the Exchange Adviser from Arts to sign the form, you also need to get the signature of the Exchange Adviser from the other faculty you are studying in. Getting credit for units that are not Japanese culture or language can be quite difficult, due to the limited range of subjects taught in English at Japanese universities. Please discuss this with Gina Friedman at Monash Abroad if you need any more information.


To commence exchange in December, March or April (equivalent to Monash semester 1):
1st June (previous year)

To commence exchange in September or October (equivalent to Monash semester 2):
1st December (previous year)