Japanese Studies – ようこそ (Welcome)

Historically, Japan is one of the most dynamic nations in Asia. It is simultaneously steeped in rich traditions and a source of innovation. Australia’s relationship with Japan is one of the most engaged and durable diplomatic and trade relations in the region. Understanding Japan’s language, culture and history are vital for the socio-economic development and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. Monash has a long history of engagement with Japan and maintains one of the most extensive programs in Japanese studies in Australia. Monash prepares students with a critical appreciation of Japanese language and culture, and foundational skills and strong communicative competence to actively participate in Japanese professional environments and advancing scholarly research on Japan.

Our language offerings cater to students from introductory through advanced levels with a flexible structure that allows entry at several levels, ensuring sequential study suitable to student’s background. Language units combine the structured development of communication skills with aspects of Japanese society and culture. Elective and capstone units cover a number of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas of Japanese studies and ground understanding of Japan within broader Asian contexts. The units reflect the key strengths of the program in linguistics/applied linguistics, contemporary socio-cultural studies, history and translation.

We offer numerous opportunities for exchange, through both academic and internship programs. We also foster advanced study through well respected honours and postgraduate programs. Engagements are complemented by the Japanese Studies Centre and the Monash Asia Institute. We consider Monash to be one of the most established centres for gaining broader understanding of Japanese language, culture and society in Australia, which will assist Monash graduates in effectively operating in the “Asian Century

What Level of Japanese Should I Enrol In?


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  • Post-information session update: slides from the session are available to download here. Please note, however, that the latest and most complete information can always be found on the  main  Japan student exchange info page. For further information, please see LLCL Study Abroad. Read more
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