Indigenous studies

  • The Monash Indigenous Centre encourages students to understand the past and contemporary experiences of Indigenous Australians. Students will acquire a general knowledge of many different aspects of Australian Indigenous cultures and of how these cultures have undergone change and adaptation.

    Units offered by Australian Indigenous Studies combine the study of social anthropology and contemporary experiences of Australian Aborigines by including the study of kinship, political, and linguistic systems in urban and remote societies and the contrasts between Indigenous and non-Indigenous societies. Introductory units examine Indigenous lifestyles, pre and post-invasion and the concept of continuity, which provides a focus on understanding the importance of land. Study of the post-invasion period examines the effects of colonisation on Indigenous societies and economies, past and present governmental policies and their effects on communities.

    A number of Arts Faculty units offered in Australian studies, anthropology, geography, history, politics, environmental science, sociology and women’s studies complement units offered in Indigenous studies. Our courses have strong links with the Program for Australian Indigenous Archaeology, a new initiative of the School of Geography and Environmental Science.

    Monash Indigenous Centre

    The Monash Indigenous Centre is a multi-purpose academic centre engaged in internationally recognized research and teaching of Australian Indigenous Studies. It also offers major and minor sequences and elective units at first, second, third year at both Clayton and Gippsland campuses.

    For more information, see the MIC Website.

    Course information

    For all relevant information about Australian Indigenous Studies study options, including pre-requisites and course structure, please see the Monash Subject Handbook.

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