I want to work full-time and study full-time. Is this recommended?

We advise against working and studying full time. Full-time study requires a commitment of 35-40 hours a week of classes, preparation, reading and assignments. Students who do less study receive poor results.

I have an undergraduate degree – which course is best for me?

You will be required to apply for the 72 pt Masters (18 months full time) but may complete a shorter program of approved study by exiting from the program with either the Graduate Certificate in Publishing and Editing (24 pts) or the Graduate Diploma in Publishing and Editing (48 pts). Part-time study is available.

I want a job in the publishing and editing industry but am uncertain as to whether I want to complete the full Masters degree.

You should still apply for the Masters (18 months full-time) and begin seeking work. Part-time study is available should you need to move from full- to part-time enrolment. Students gain enough skills to apply for employment in Australia and overseas and may leave the program with less than a Masters qualification. However, most students apply for and complete the Masters.

I want to do the most basic course and get a job. Is this acceptable?

The Graduate Diploma is designed as an exit point for students who wish to acquire the standard qualification for the industry.

I already have extensive skills and industry experience in editing but want to develop other aspects of my knowledge. How should I proceed?

You can apply for credit for one or more units that your experience and/or qualifications may already cover. However, you will be required to provide documentary proof of this. Please consult the program coordinator.

I want to specialise as an editor. Can I do this?

Yes, editing tuition is an essential component of the program. Students who wish to specialise in this field may complete additional non-compulsory units such as Advanced Editing and The Professional Editor and may undertake further supervised editorial work in the unit, The Publishing Industry Project. Those who wish to pursue another career path may chose to enrol in units such as Selling the Book and Publication Rights or The Publishing Firm.

How flexible is the program?

Some electives in other programs or even units in other Faculties can be taken with approval.

I want direct hands-on industry experience. Is it available?

Students at fifth year have the opportunity to complete industry internships. These are units that comprise a program of tuition and assessment in addition to a carefully identified, fully supervised industry placement.

I do not have an honours degree and want to equip myself to undertake a higher research degree in a publishing-related field. Can I do this?

Yes. Your fifth-year-level component can comprise a fully supervised Publishing Research Thesis (24 pts) either full-time over one semester or part-time over two.  This externally examined, 18,000-word thesis can facilitate entry to higher-degree research in the form of a doctorate, which may be undertaken at Monash University or elsewhere.

I have a Science degree. Is this an appropriate qualification to enter the Graduate Publishing program at Monash?

Yes it is. Scientific editing and publishing is a possible career path.

Is there an opportunity for internship experience in the program?

An internship is a popular component of the program at 5th year. This is a supervised academic unit in addition to involving an industry placement experience.

Is there provision for an overseas study experience?

Yes this can be incorporated in the program with Monash Study Abroad involvement. Please see study abroad and exchange.

I already possess a Graduate Diploma in Publishing and Editing and would like to upgrade my qualifications. How  can I do this?

You should enrol in the Master of Publishing and Editing, or the Master of Arts by research and coursework, and apply for credit for the units that your experience and/or qualifications may already cover. Please consult the program coordinator. Alternatively, if you possess an honours degree (H2A or above) or equivalent, you may wish to acquire a doctoral qualification by writing a thesis on a publishing-related topic. In this case, you should consult the program coordinator or any of the accredited doctoral supervisors who teach in the Graduate Publishing program.