Ways to Enhance your Learning

Whether you are beginning Italian or continuing at post-VCE level, the greater the exposure to the language the greater your progress will be: maybe you’re not ready yet for the richness of Italian literature, or for reading an article in a magazine or newspaper, but there are many ways of increasing your exposure to Italian without feeling unduly threatened or stressed. Just listening to songs, for example, will give you a feel for the sounds of the language. So here’s some information about where materials are available.

TV & Video

  • “Italianissimo” (BBC beginner course) – available from Main Library multimedia section, with audiotapes and textbook, for use in library only.
  • Telegiornale italiano – weekdays at 7.00 am; SBS Television broadcasts Italian news daily and Italia news on Sundays.
  • Check the Age Green Guide for Italian films, soaps, documentaries.
  • A small collection of films is available for viewing in the Library.
  • A WORD ON SUBTITLES: Cover them! (tape a bit of paper to the screen). At first you may lack the courage, but at least do it for a while. Watch, rewind, watch again (some brief segments at least!).
  • NO VCR? NO PROBLEM: the School’s Language Centre is setting up VCR/monitor posts for students.
  • Italian TV programs may be received directly from Italy by satellite with a suitable dish or subscribing to Optus cable TV or Foxtel at a moderate monthly cost.



  • SBS 1224 kHz (check programme guide)
  • RG 1593 kHz RETE ITALIA


  • ZZZ 92.3 MHz MULTICULTURAL RADIO (Italian programme times vary)
  • SBS 93.1 Mhz (Italian: 8.00am to 9.00 am and 6.00pm to 7.00pm Monday to Sunday)


  • The School Library has copies of magazines and newspapers, as well as books and dictionaries.
  • Main Library – check ItalyItalian on the electronic catalogues.

Audio tapes

  • The language Centre has multiple copies of some language courses. Tapes relating to some language courses may be available from the General Office – check with your unit coordinator.