Presentation of Written Work

  1. All major essays should be submitted with a School assignment cover sheet.(Assignment cover sheets can be obtained from School Office on Level 4, South Wing).
    Student Assessment Coversheets can also be downloaded here [PDF 1.6 MB]. As the coversheet changes from time to time in order to adhere to changes in university policy, please do not save the coversheet locally, rather download and print it each time you need a new copy.
  2. To ensure legibility and ease of marking, type on one side of the paper only. As well, please type on alternate lines (double spacing).
  3. Plagiarism: An important aspect of essay writing is the use made of secondary material, work which scholars and critics have produced to enrich and widen a particular area of interest. You may like to use some of these ideas to reinforce your own arguments – if you do so, you must acknowledge your source. Failure to acknowledge is considered a form of cheating (plagiarism) and, as such, the piece of work will not be assessed and disciplinary action may be taken.
    When you do like what someone else has to say and want to use it;
    i) place any direct citation in quotation marks;
    ii) if you have changed the wording of someone else’s original idea, footnote your source.
  4. References (for Bibliography, etc.): When citing reference works for bibliographies or footnotes, titles of books and periodicals should be underlined (if handwritten) or in italics (if typed);

e.g. Marchi, C., Impariamo l’italiano, Milan: Rizzoli, 1984.
Marchi, C., Impariamo l’italiano , Milan: Rizzoli, 1984.

Titles of journal articles or chapters in books should be contained within inverted commas;

e.g. Rosenthal, M. F., “Veronica Franco’s Terze Rime: The Venetian Courtesan’s Defense”,Renaissance Quarterly 42 (1989): 310-323

For further reference, consult the M.L.A. Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations , New York, Modern Language Association, (latest edition).

Students familiar with the author-date system, common in social science disciplines (i.e.: as in most secondary reading for the unit The Italian Migrant Experience), should be consistent in its use.

To view PDF files you will need to download and install Adobe Reader.