General Information


Regular attendance at lectures and tutorials, particularly language acquisition classes where continuity is crucial for the development and maintenance of linguistic competence, is strongly advised. Since most assessment procedures are based on continuous assessment, regular attendance and participation are essential. Students whose attendance is poor are, in effect, penalising themselves. Moreover, in the case of language courses in particular, absenteeism impacts on the work of other students, and the class as a whole.

Class attendance and participation will be taken into account in all borderline cases (i.e. including differences of grade as well as Pass/Fail) in the return of final results.


All lecturers will be available for consultation. Consultation times are displayed on all office doors. Other times can be arranged by appointment.


Students are required to hand in essays and homework by the due date. All essays and homework must be placed in the appropriate essay-boxes or handed directly to tutors. If you need help with essay writing, short intensive courses for Arts students are offered by the Language and Learning Unit. For further information contact Tim Moore, (Tel. 9905 5069).

Student Assignment Coversheets can be downloaded here. As the coversheet changes from time to time in order to adhere to changes in university policy, please do not save the coversheet locally, rather download and print it each time you need a new copy.


Italian notice boards are located on Level 5 (west wing), Menzies Building. Information about assignments, course organization and other departmental activities will be posted on these boards as well as in course booklets. Students should check MUSO unit sites regularly for updated information or downloads.

Timetabling and Allocation to Classes

Students should check the Italian notice boards on Level 5 (Clayton Campus) for room allocations, as well as the official university timetable at:

Students can allocate into classes at:

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