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Chances are that in your study of the Humanities, and in your experience in Australia and abroad, you will find references to Italy and Italian culture. With more than 70% of the world artistic heritage, with examples of literature and culture ranging from Dante to neorealist cinema, design and architecture, Italy plays a central role in the world. Many do not know that Italy is also at the cutting edge of technological development, astrophysics and medical research. Indeed its history of scientific achievements is as rich as its culture accomplishments.

Italian Studies at Monash University allows you to get a real sense of the complexities of this fascinating country. We are a vibrant program that prepares students from beginners to the most advanced levels, right through to honours, masters and PhD study.

We offer a broad and diverse language and culture curriculum and a wide range of opportunities to study in Italy. Our undergraduate program offers three diversified access points (beginners, intermediate, proficient) that both develop linguistic competence and expand the knowledge of Italian culture. The Major sequence opens the possibility to undertake Honours at fourth year level and postgraduate studies.

Our study abroad offer is unique. In fact Monash is the only Australian University to have an established Centre in Italy, the Monash Prato Centre. We offer therefore a flexible degree with intensive units in Italy, combined with the possibilities of exchange study at Italian Universities.

Italian Studies at Monash is also keen to share knowledge within the community and with other Universities.

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