Youth in the Current European ‘Migration Crisis’

lesley-pResearcher Profile: Dr Lesley Pruitt

Project Title: Youth in the Current European ‘Migration Crisis’ 

Brief description of the research project: This project will apply an age- and gender-sensitive analysis to reporting of and policymaking around the recent European ‘migration crisis’ and if time permits include comparison with earlier events, such as the 1992-1995 Bosnian conflict and WWII. The analysis will include data gathered from media reports, media images, and official policy documents.

Position description/Role of intern: The intern will serve as a research assistant, gathering and collating documents and images and may also assist with creating a database and coding the data gathered. S/he will also help with a related literature review to situate the project in existing scholarly work in the field.

Key duties/deliverables:

  • gathering and collating documents and images using dates,key terms, and locations provided by the supervisor,
  • creating a database to store the materials gathered,
  • possible preliminary coding of the data if time permits,
  • gathering relevant literature and compiling a reference list from the sources located

Work Location: Clayton Campus

Estimated hours: 288 hours

Student Type: Undergraduate or Postgraduate

Approximate start and end date: 8 November-17 February (can be flexible)

Available Places: 1