World Challenge Internship (Summer B)

At World Challenge we prepare young people for life by sending young people on life changing, personal development expeditions to the developing world. We work with schools to create teams that travel to one of over 50 destinations worldwide where students will trek, engage with the local community and lead their own expedition.

Duties: Our Operations team is responsible for three key areas of the business: Logistics, Expedition Leader Management and Training Expeditions.  Interns will work with both the Training and Leader Management Teams. We can arrange insight into the Logistics department if desired.

Training: Assist with the planning, and coordination of the training calendar and events.

  • Training Expedition Paperwork
  • Site and transport bookings
  •  Briefing instructors

Leader Management: Assist with the recruiting of future Expedition Leaders.

  • Use social media to engage leaders.
  •  Follow up leader inquiries.
  • Qualification analysis and confirmation.

Recommended Disciplines:  Master of Tourism

Duration & Days:  Flexible

Applications close November 9.

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for APG5044 Professional Internship.