Victorian Parliamentary Internship

Monash University’s Politics and International Relations Program, in conjunction with the Parliamentary Library of the Parliament of Victoria, the University of Melbourne and Victoria University offers students the opportunity to undertake a parliamentary internship with academic credit towards their degree. A program that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, it has produced many distinguished Monash alumni, including the current Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Daniel Andrews, and three other past and present members of the Parliament of Victoria.

The semester-length, 12-point unit provides students with the unique experience of working under the joint supervision of a member of the Politics and International Relations Program, Associate-Professor Paul Strangio, and a member of the Victorian Parliament. They will be required to attend induction and research seminars at Parliament House, to keep a journal, write a reflective essay, and submit a major research report on a public policy issue that, following assessment, will be housed in the State Parliamentary Library.

The subject is specifically designed to:

  1. Acquaint students with the structures and processes of contemporary state government; 
  2. Acquaint them with the nature of public policy research and reporting.


The subject is restricted to students who are majoring in Politics and preferably in the third year of study for their degree. Places are strictly limited and selection will be based primarily on academic merit.

Applications close on Friday 21st October 2016 and should be submitted via the Office of the School of Social Sciences on the 4th Floor, East Wing, of the Menzies Building or, alternatively, by email to

Download the application form…

Please keep a dated copy of your application.

*Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by around late November (in some cases we need to rely upon the confirmation of semester two results for selection)*

For further information contact Associate Professor Paul Strangio on