Victoria India Internship Program

The Australia India Institute in Melbourne and AII@Delhi invite you to participate in the Victoria India Internship Program which it is rolling out on behalf of the Victoria Government and the Victoria State Department of Economic Development, Jobs and Resources. The Internship Program offers internship opportunities for Victorian undergraduate, postgraduate or recent graduates from Victorian universities or other tertiary education providers in disciplines including (but not limited to) accounting, commerce, business, information communications technology and engineering.

The Victoria India Internship Program, is carried out in accordance with Victoria’s International Education Strategy 2013-2018, aiming to strengthen relations between Victoria and India and connect employers with talented young Victorians via international work experiences in Indian workplace environments. The program identifies and offers internships at Indian companies and organisations based and operating in India and/or Victoria.
A total of 30 internships will be offered in India and Victoria over a 3 year period closing in June 2018. The internships run between 6 weeks and 3 months depending on the nature of the project and its requirements. Host companies and organisations may choose to offer more than one internship position in order to complete a larger project. Internships may be offered in the form of paid internships or unpaid vocational placements in adherence to or appreciation of Australian workplace laws.

About the Internship/s

Starting Date: June/July 2018- Available Winter 2018, Semester 2 2018 
Duration: 6 weeks minimum

The AII will facilitate internship placements at Indian companies and organisations based and operating in India (10 positions) or at Indian companies operating in Victoria (5 positions). The roles being offered are in Indian companies that have an established track record in the fields of IT, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Commerce, Consulting, Trade and Investment, E-Learning, Healthcare, Agriculture, Engineering, Education, Tourism, Resources and Finance.

For further information visit the Victoria India Internship Program website.


Application Process and Student requirements

  • Apply for internship positions including cover letter, resume and response to selection criteria as required
  • Perform the duties for the host organisation as outlined in the internship position
  • Participate in all activities set by the host organisation provided that safety and well- being is not at risk
  • Comply with instructions, directions, policies and procedures provided by the host organisation and the Australia India Institute
  •  At the conclusion of the internship term, provide host company and AII with a final presentation or report outlining the progress and outcomes of the project undertaken and of the overall internship experience
  • Make all arrangements for accommodation, comprehensive travel and medical insurance, passport, visa, living expenses and travel costs between India and Australia and provide proof of above documentation
  • Provide emergency contact details, travel dates and accommodation details to the AII, as well as register with DFAT on
  • Behave in a courteous and responsible manner that reflects well for the AII, the Department and the university provider
  • Act as an Ambassador for Victoria during and post-internship
  • Adhere to local laws and regulations of India
  • Enjoy the experience and learn!.

Further Details
For inquiries and further information: Marianna Sarris, Projects and Operations Advisor, Australia India Institute, Melbourne or Tel 03 9035 4067