Victoria India Internship Program

The Australia India Institute (AII) in Melbourne and the Australia India Institute @ Delhi are accepting expressions of interest from interns to participate in the Victoria India Internship Program (VIIP). The program is supported by the Victoria Government through the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

The VIIP aims to engage students studying at Victorian education providers with meaningful professional and personal engagement with India. The internships will help to develop and enhance skills and understanding of the Indian market and company culture, connect employers with talented young Victorians via international workplaces or Indian workplace environments and increase awareness about trade relations between Victoria and India.

This program caters to all students, both national and international, who have studied in a Victorian education provider. Expressions of interest are invited from students who have either graduated with a degree or diploma or are near graduating.

The AII will facilitate internship placements at Indian companies and organisations based and operating in India (10 positions) or at Indian companies operating in Victoria (5 positions). The roles being offered are in Indian companies that have an established track record in the fields of IT, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Commerce, Consulting, Trade and Investment, E-Learning, Healthcare, Agriculture, Engineering, Education, Tourism, Resources and Finance.

For further information visit the Victoria India Internship Program website.

Application Process

Applicants are invited to submit a resume and cover letter by identifying their chosen industry of interest and why they should be chosen for an internship placement.

Please submit your expressions of interest, or address any additional questions or queries to