VECCI Internship Program

The Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) Internship Program is a new initiative designed to encourage and support industry involvement in taking on a university intern.

To encourage industry involvement, VECCI will provide participating member organisations with a placement contribution of up to $3000 to help support the cost of the student internships.

We will be placing 100 student interns on an annual basis, five of which will be employed by VECCI to demonstrate our commitment to the program.

Participating members are required to identify a suitable project which provides benefits to their business as well as providing the student intern with a meaningful employment experience and the opportunity to develop new skills.

The program will meet all workplace employment requirements including payment for work undertaken. Student interns will be engaged directly by members of VECCI. The terms of engagement of a student intern may vary from business to business, however student interns are required to undertake up to 120 hours of paid employment (full time or pro-rata part time). The maximum term of a project is eight weeks.

Members may also decide to continue an employment relationship with a student intern external to the VECCI Internship Program. See more here

For domestic student interns

VECCI is working with their member businesses to support paid student internship opportunities for domestic university students throughout Victoria. Monash University is also working with VECCI to help facilitate these opportunities.

For Monash University Students these opportunities will be facilitated through ‘Jobs for Students’ program.

The Jobs for Students program has a database of registered students, when a job vacancy is received Monash HR conduct a key word search against all CV’s and filter students using this process. Suitable students are then contacted via phone, conversation to establish their motivations for registering and then time booked in for face-to-face job conversation conducted in the Career Connect lounge.