Theatre Internship

This unit provides students with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge by taking a responsible role within a Theatre company or organisation and observing – and reflecting upon – what happens there. The unit provides a structure by which students identify a host organisation, compile an appropriate application, work an equivalence of 80-100 hrs within an organisation, and submit a set of reflections. Students meet regularly with the coordinator but are ultimately responsible for their own learning and must take a leading role in identifying, securing and participating in internships.

Involvement within the host institution might take the form of administrative, practical and/or creative activity. CTP has developed working relationships with a number of potential host institutions however new proposals will be considered. Host institutions are approved on the basis of professionalism and industry standing.

This unit can run at any time during the year and might fall outside regular semester periods. Final submission of reflection and assessment, however, can only take place during semester. All applications must be approved by the coordinator in advance.

How to Apply

1. Seek approval from Unit Coordinator

You must contact the unit coordinator – Felix Nobis – and get approval to do an internship. This is to ensure that the internship will work with your major and is suitable for you.

2. Collect an Enrolment Amendment Form

You can only obtain this form from an Arts Student Service Office or requesting a copy via your student email account. For locations and contact details, see Arts Student Services.

3. Gain Unit Approval from Unit Coordinator

You must gain approval and sign-off from Felix Nobis on your Enrolment Amendment Form prior to submitting your form to Arts Students Services.

4. Submit Completed Form to Arts Student Services

You must submit your form to the Arts Student Services Office on your home campus. See Arts Student Services.

5. Start your internship!

Go and have an amazing experience.

For more details, contact Felix Nobis via email.