Translation and Cross-cultural Communication Internship with ISIT – French Embassy

Organisation Name: ISIT
Location: Paris, France
No. of places available: 1

About the Organisation

ISIT, a world leader in intercultural studies
Since 1957, ISIT has trained multilingual intercultural experts to join the global conversation.

ISIT is a non-profit of higher education institution granting government-accredited master’s degrees. Graduates pursue a wide range of careers in a variety of fields all over the world:

  • in the marketing, communications, human resources, sales and purchasing departments of international companies;
  • as translators, conference interpreters and lawyer-linguists for international organizations including the European Commission, UNESCO, the UN, and the European Court of Justice.

The research center at ISIT is actively involved in international research projects in the fields of translation studies, multilingual communication, intercultural management and intercultural legal communication.

ISIT is an active member of a number of international networks and cultivates close relationships with major international organizations, including the UN and the European Commission.

About the Internship

Role Description: Translation and Cross-cultural Communication Intern
Starting Date:  Summer A/B
Duration:  12 weeks minimum – 6 months maximum

Role Description

The internship will take place at ISIT and Itinéraires interculturels. At ISIT the intern will perform the following tasks and missions;

  • translate pedagogical and communication documents and tools (according to
    the language level of the intern)
  • create digital and social network pages (Twitter, Linkedin, etc. ) for the
    ISIT Research Directorate
  • monitor the Internet for research news about translation, interpretation, cross cultural management and communication (new books, conferences and call for papers, etc.)
  • write social media content for the ISIT Research Directorate; participate in the editorial committee of ISIT scientific online journal, and in ISIT research team meetings
  • write meeting reports and working papers for the ISIT research team
  • provide administrative support to the entrepreneurship programme 

At Itinéraires interculturels, the intern will;

  •  translate and localize a SPOC into English
  • Cooperate with the French » (translation of videos, web content, online quizz)
  • take part in various publishing projects : update the book 
  • Communicate and cooperate with colleagues from multiple backgrounds and demonstrate cultural sensitivity
  •  translate and revise training presentations and pedagogical documents used in cross-cultural courses for French and international firms 
  • translate and revise Itinéraires Interculturels website.

The intern will be compensated at the French legal rate. The ratio
translation/communication activities may vary according to the intern’s interests.

Other Requirements

Specific Skills and Experience Required

  • Autonomous
  • Curious
  • Interested in cross-cultural communication
  • Knowledge about and interest for the Asian countries specified in the publishing projects
  • Translation and writing skills- especially for the web
  • Interest in digital and social network communiciation
  • Languages required- English (mother tongue if possible and French


  • other languages would be an asset

Scholarships & Funding

This internship opportunity falls into the “Nicolas Baudin travel grant” initiative and it receives funding as outline lined below

  • The Embassy finances the cost of the return flights from Australia to France and social security costs for the duration of the internship (up to 6 months).
  • The host university in France provides the intern with a mandatory internship stipend (minimum of 554€ per month according to 2017 figures, subject to change).

For further information about available scholarships and funding please click on the links below:

How to Apply

Applications for the internship opportunity are submitted directly via the host portal online “Nicolas Baudin Program”

If your internship is confirmed then students needs to submit a self-sourced application.