Thomas Niazmand

T Niazmand - Profile
Thomas Niazmand Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Arts (Sustainability, Environment and Society)

I interned at the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure, where I helped develop the Victorian Transport Statistics Portal, an online database of all transport-related statistics from sources such as the ABS.

The internship was an excellent opportunity for me to see and experience working life at a Government deparment. The insight I gained about city planning was definitely the most rewarding and satisfying element of my internship.

The key learning outcomes from my internship were initiative and accountability. Our project outputs were used by the Department in their decision-making processes about state infrastructure investments, so the work we produced had to be both high quality and completed in a timely manner.

I would absolutely recommend other students consider taking up an internship to complement their university studies. It helps reinforce course theory by providing an insight into the real-life applications of the content studied in the classroom on a daily basis.