The Lab Strategy – Cultural Mapping and Brand Strategy

Intake: Summer B – 2 Jan to 9 February (3 days a week)
Eligible students: Any Graduate students with an interest in culture, people and semiotics will be considered (with the approval of relevant Director of Program). Students with  Business undergraduate degrees are also encouraged to apply.

The Lab – who are we? 
Some call us qualitative market researchers. Others call us brand strategists. We’re actually a mix of both, and that’s what makes us special. We are a group of inquisitive minds that make sense of the relationships that exist between people, brand and the culture they live in – we take an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems for our clients.

We immerse ourselves in the daily lives of consumers, developing a deep contextual understanding of their motivations and behaviour. We also immerse ourselves in what is happening in the world and within categories that our clients are operating, through conducting extensive desk research projects and semiotic analysis.

Observations and conversations
We also use a broad mix of qualitative methodologies ranging from observations (ethnography, mobile ‘in the moment’) to discussion (online communities, focus groups, and depth interviews).

Cultural Mapping
Society continually recreates itself, redefining which values, lifestyles and activities are desirable. We study nine dimensions of cultural forces to reveal dominant and emerging ideologies.

More Information:

Internship program
The Lab’s interns are exposed to a wide range of industries, companies and business problems throughout the course of their internship. The Lab also wants all of its interns to leave their mark, and as such, one component of the internship is what can best be described as the ‘Legacy Project’ – an opportunity to deep-dive on a specific research topic and then present it to the team (and potentially have an article published on the company website). Previous intern ‘Legacy Projects’ have focused on Millennials and their expectations in life, Millennials and post teen transition pathways, as well as changing digital landscapes and the effect on music consumption.

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for APG5044 Professional Internship. 
*If you are shortlisted,  The Lab will require you to complete a task before being selected for interview.

Closing date 10 November, 2017