Responsibilities of the Host

Once the Host approves a Student to undertake the Internship, the Host will:

  • Arrange for the Host Supervisor, or nominee, to meet the Student on the first day of the Internship and allocate Internship Activities as learning opportunities for the Student;
  • Prior to the Student commencing the Internship Activities, ensure the Student is provided with all reasonably necessary instructions, training and personal protective equipment to undertake the Internship Activities in a safe manner without risk to health and cooperate with Monash at all times to safeguard the Student’s health and wellbeing;
  • Ensure that the Internship Activities undertaken by the Student are supervised by the Host Supervisor or another suitably qualified nominee;
  • Permit the Student to use information gathered during the Internship for inclusion in any assessment prescribed by Monash for the Internship and alert the Student to any aspect of that information that is confidential, so that the Student may take steps to ensure the confidentiality of the information is maintained;
  • Ensure that the Student is treated at all times with respect and dignity, and is not subject to discrimination, harassment or bullying;
  • Not use or disclose personal information of the Student or related to the Internship except where necessary for the purpose of the conduct of the Internship and subsequent reporting to Monash;
  • Notify the Monash Supervisor if the Host seeks permission to use any intellectual property produced by the Student as part of the Internship Activities;
  • Notify the Monash Supervisor not later than the next business day of:
    1. any significant change to the Internship Activities or their location;
    2. any issues or concerns related to the conduct of the Internship, the behaviour of the Student and any matters of discipline, allowing time for intervention by Monash to seek to address and/or remedy any such issues or concerns;
    3. any decision by the Host to direct the Student not to return to the Host Premises and to terminate the Internship;
    4. any safety incident affecting the health or wellbeing of the Student and measures put in place to respond to the incident.
  • Complete a template Internship assessment form provided by Monash within 21 days of completion of the Internship;
  • Have in place at all times during the Internship a valid and current policy of public liability and professional indemnity insurance.