Research Internship at Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre Inc

Background: Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre (GEALC) is a not for profit registered training organisation (RTO) that has been operating for 30 years. GEALC’s primary objective it to offer a wide range of quality programs to adults who want to improve their English language, literacy, computer and employment skills, and extend their involvement in activities in the community. GEALC has a significant focus of community strengthening in the southern metropolitan region of Melbourne and works actively with all levels of government and community organisations in order to provide affordable and accessible educational opportunities to adults in the Glen Eira area.

The city of Glen Eira is a diverse community with significant population of people from non English speaking backgrounds and large numbers of people with no formal qualifications or limited secondary education. Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre is seeking to conduct an analysis of community needs in Glen Eira in order to develop and implement education programs that not only support greater participation, but will be socially inclusive and provide successful outcomes for learners.

The Project- Researcher: Desk Analysis of Community Data in Glen Eira

GEALC is seeking an experienced researcher to conduct a desk analysis of available community data to explore and report on:

  • the reasons for the on average 15% decline in adult education provider participation in Glen Eira in recent years;
  • which Glen Eira residents are currently without qualifications and the nature of their need; and
  • the possible needs for personal development or social inclusion activities.

This role would suit someone familiar with research methodologies including analysing available data, published material and using local government data.

Competencies / Skills required:

  • Excellent organisational and written communication skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Strong computer literacy and capability to maintain accurate records.

Experience / Education Required:
• Experience in comparable research undertakings

Time Availability:

Flexible. The project is short term in nature with commitment being approximately 1-2 days per week (commencing from 30 August 2016. Note: research to be completed by 30 November 2016 or earlier).


419 North Road, Ormond 3204. Some work may be done remotely.


  1. You should meet the eligibility criteria for, and be able to enrol in ATS3129 Arts Internship (completed 96 CP and have a distinction average).
  2. You should have checked with Arts Student Services to ensure you have room in your degree for this 12 CP unit.
  3. Students from any major can apply.

Application Process

Go to the  Application form and submit your details and documentation. Applications are due by Sunday, 21st August 2016.

Shortlisted candidates shall be invited for an interview.