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Exciting opportunities are available currently for Monash Arts students to gain some valuable work-experience with the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

Internship Period: Semester 1, 2014

Time Committment: March – June 2014. 2 days a week for 9 weeks. (Flexible)

 Project 5 


Spatial reporting of freight movement in the regions

The task is to update and synthesise the transport evidence base in relation to freight in Victoria’s regions.

Brief description

Understanding how the freight network operates in the regional areas of Victoria helps inform the growth of the region. Freight is a vital part of the evidence base for regional economic profiles which have been prepared by the Victorian government to provide a consistent contemporary evidence base to guide strategic work and support investment decisions in the regions.


– Extract truck counts information and update existing tables and maps

– Create maps by overlaying the principal freight network, major highways and reviewing the major industries in the LGAs

– Consult with staff in the freight area to incorporate refinements


Document  covering freight information for the eight regions

 Project 6


Audit of Freight information / Ports Performance Monitoring

This task is to undertake a data audit of information relating to freight transport, freight system performance and demand including port performance.

Brief description

The freight area has administered various ad-hoc surveys and collated data from various sources over the last eight years.  The status of previous data collections (such as OD surveys, LCV video surveys etc) needs to be reviewed and an audit of the information gaps is required.


– Interview key personnel to identify potential data sources

– Review  existing reports to identify collected data and

– Obtain copies of data and  create a detailed metadata report – such as title, description, subject, organisation, creator, date, type, access rights, audience, aggregation level and source


Brief report outlining data available using metadata to highlight the status and applicability of the information



1. The students should meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in ATS3129 Arts Internship unit (completed 96 CP and have a distinction average)

2. Students from the following Areas of Study:


1. The students should enrol in APG5763 – Sustainability internship

For PG queries contact: Dr Libby Porter

2. Students from the following Areas of Study:

Please submit an updated resume along with a cover letter outlining the project you are interested in and how that best fits in with your major by Sunday 2nd February 2014 to

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.