Museum Victoria Internships

Museum Victoria is currently advertising two projects that could be a great internship opportunity for Monash Arts students.

Student Projects – Humanities Department

The Humanities Department is responsible for the state collections of history, indigenous cultures and technology and society. The collections include over 800,000 objects, 250,000 images and 80,000 documents. More details about the department.

Available Student Research Projects

The Legacy of Collecting at Milingimbi Mission

Short Term (3 months) commencing from April/May 2014

‘A Passport to Prosperity’ – Marketing Massey Ferguson (Australia)

Short Term (6 months) commencing from June 2014 (2 placements available)

Application Process: Direct applications to Museum Victoria. See details under project description.

Conditions for Credit:

Students successful in securing this internship can apply for credit towards ATS3129 Arts Internship unit if they meet the eligibility criteria (completion of 96 credit points and have a distinction average).

Students should be currently completing one of these majors:

If you have questions about how you can receive credit for this internship program contact Mr Robin Chacko