Communications, Creative and Digital Design Internships at Mullen Lowe Indonesia (Jakarta)

Organisation Name: Mullen Lowe
Position/s: Client Communications Management Intern, Creative Department Intern, Design & Innovation Intern
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
No. of places available: 3

About the Organisation
Mullen Lowe is a marketing & communications agency focused on brand strategy, communications planning and through-the-line advertising. The result of a recent merger between Mullen and Lowe and Partners, Mullen Lowe is one of the largest players in its field and operates across the globe, servicing a wide range of multinational clients.

Mullen Lowe Indonesia is the Indonesian division of the company and is one of the most well reputed marketing firms in the country. Its clients include Garuda Indonesia, Streets, Omo, Rexona, Dove, Lipton and many more. It has been operating for 25 years and employs over 250 people. More details…

About the Internships

Starting Date:


Duration of internship:


8 weeks


16 weeks

Project 1: Client Communications Management

Project objective / key areas of engagement:

The client Accounts Management division at Mullen Lowe has the task of ensuring that work for Mullen Lowe’s clients is completed in a timely fashion and that communication remains clear throughout. This involves staying in close contact with the various divisions at Mullen Lowe to ensure that the requirements are clear and everyone is working to a clear timeline. It also involves providing regular and clear updates to clients.

Likely tasks / description of role:

As a Client Communications Management intern, your tasks are likely to include:

  • Client servicing, which involves both face to face and email contact with clients
  • Development of schedules and clear communication of these to all stakeholders
  • Contact with the different departments within Mullen Lowe
  • Documenting and communicating project developments to any relevant parties

Output required by intern:

Your work will mainly revolve around assisting with day-to-day tasks, rather than the production of a document or another tangible output.

Project 2: Creative – Copywriting and/or Art Directing
Project objective / key areas of engagement:

The Creative Department at Mullen Lowe is responsible for the layout, design and proofing of the promotional material they produce for clients. There are opportunities for students with a variety of skillsets to intern within this department and assist them with projects on the go at the time of the internship.

Likely tasks / description of role:

Within the Creative Department, tasks are likely to include:

  • Art Directing
  • Copywriting
  • Concept development
  • Creation of designs (usually on Photoshop or Illustrator)

Output required by intern

Interns will be working directly on projects for clients of Mullen Lowe, so the output of work will depend on the projects taking place at the time.

Project 3: Digital Design and Innovation

Project objective / key areas of engagement:

The Digital & Innovation team at Mullen Lowe works with clients to develop their digital needs, including websites, phone applications and other software. This role involves working as a part of this team to meet the clients’ digital requirements.

Likely tasks / description of role:

As a Design & Innovation intern, you will most likely work on tasks including:

  • Attending meetings with clients to assess their needs
  • Recording the outcomes of meetings and communicating them to various stakeholders, both internal and external

Assisting the team to build websites and phone apps for clients. Your role may be in the UX and/or UI design, depending on your background and the team’s requirements at the time

Output required by intern:

Interns will be working directly on projects for clients of Mullen Lowe, so the output of work will depend on the projects taking place at the time.

Expected work hours:

9.00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday. However, note that you may be required to work outside of these times during busy periods.


Interns will receive an allowance of IDR 50.000 a day for transportation and meals, which will be provided on a monthly basis.

Dress Required:

Smart casual clothing should be worn on a day-to-day basis, but more formal business attire will be required on occasions. Batik clothing is considered formalwear in Indonesia and can be found cheaply in various malls across Jakarta.

Requirements of the intern


All majors are welcome to apply

Language abilities:

Only English is required. Indonesian language skills would be an advantage but are not essential.


Mullen Lowe is a high energy organisation that prides itself on a hard working but fun culture. Therefore, you should feel confident that you can bring energy and enthusiasm, as well as strong commitment to your work, to the role.

Time management and clear communication skills are crucial for success in this role. A skype interview will be required during the application process.

You are encouraged to bring your own laptop to this internship.

Please read as much as you can about Mullen Lowe Indonesia prior to the interview, so that you are familiar with what the company does and the types of projects they are involved in.


The fee charged by International Internships (Service Provider) is in addition to the tuition fees for the unit. Accommodation and in country support packages are optional but highly recommended.

Travel insurance is provided by Monash University. It will cover you for personal travel prior to and after your overseas program, and includes access to 24-hour a day medical and emergency assist services.

Details of the organisation, costs, payment process, cancellation and refund policy are detailed here.

Scholarships & Funding

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How to Apply

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for ATS3130 Arts International Internship. For ATS3948 Internship queries, please contact the WIL team via email

*Applications must be submitted 3-6 months prior to intended start date*