Monash Social Sciences LGBTIQ Community Violence Team

james-roffeeResearcher Profile: Dr James Roffee

Project Title: Monash Social Sciences LGBTIQ Community Violence Team


Brief description of the research project: 

Background- Monash Social Sciences has community engaged scholars whose research is focused in the field of improving responses to violence against members of the LGBTIQ community. The research will be used to inform scholarly debate, policy development and implementation, public understanding of violence against members of the LGBTIQ community and responses to this.

Project – In 2015, a small-scale pilot study was conducted in Australia to explore LGBTIQ+, questioning and non-binary gender students’ experience of violence, harassment and discrimination. While plenty of research has been conducted elsewhere in the world, little to no research has been conducted in Australia on crime, harassment and victimisation of LGBTIQ youth.

The research is supported by the Faculty of Arts seed project fund and intends to build on this pilot study by continuing to collate and understand how LGBTIQ+, questioning and non-binary gender people challenge, develop or extend understandings of gender and sexuality in the reconfiguration of everyday lives regarding the normalisation and use of physical and social spaces.

Key duties/deliverables:

  • Assist in the drafting of a Report on the findings of research project
  • Prepare research briefs and papers summarising research findings, and innovative ways of translating research
  • Assist in the coordination of a ‘community symposium’ event being held in early 2017
  • Assist in the preparation of research and advocacy focused communication materials such as website blogs and social media posts
  • Assist with the management of electronic files and knowledge management
  • Other tasks as required to support the project

Required Skills/Personal Qualities:

  • Strong research skills including research experience in the fields of criminology or social science (and /or LGBTIQ issues)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Planning, organisation and time management skills
  • Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Word and Excel and use of social media
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team
  • Able to show initiative and work without close supervision
  • A demonstrated interest in the project topic
  • Availability to work on a regular basis

Work Location: Clayton Campus

Estimated hours: 144 hours

Student Type: Undergraduate or Postgraduate

Approximate start date: November 2016 (flexible)

Available Places: 1