Mapping Fitzroy

Researcher Profile: Dr Elizaelizabeth_coleman-profile1beth Coleman

Project Title: Mapping Fitzroy



Brief description of the research project: This research project aims to understand the processes of social integration and the means by which a migrant comes to feel comfortable or ‘at home’. It will map how ethnic groups use physical space in Fitzroy, and analyse how this use correlates with cross cultural interaction and the sense of being welcome. The method uses focus groups and participant observation to identify the social interaction codes and social semiology of environments that facilitate cross cultural integration. Interviews will be used to discuss how people establish meaning or connection with place.

Position description/Role of intern: The intern will begin with a literature review of records related to the Chinese community in Fitzroy and the city of Yarra. Other activities will include participant observation and recording experience in public spaces in Fitzroy during different times of the day.

Key duties/deliverables: A 3000 word essay on the history of the Chinese community in Fitzroy. Three descriptions of public spaces at different times of the day. A discourse analysis of the local Chinese newspaper. A map of Fitzroy with photographs of prominent graffiti A 5000 word literature review of research in cultural studies on graffiti.

Any special requirements/comments: The capacity to speak Mandarin would be an advantage to allow the intern to read the local Chinese newspaper.

Work Location: Caulfield campus

Estimated hours: 200 hours

Student Type: Undergraduate or Postgraduate

Approximate start and end date: 21 November 2016 – 19 February 2017

Available Places: 3