General Business Intern at Kudo (Jakarta)

Background: Kudo is an innovative technology company which creates practical solutions for the online consumer industry in Indonesia. It aims to successfully support both the merchant and consumer in their online shopping and transaction needs and provides the KUDO smartphone and web app to help small businesses sell their merchandise.

 Kudo’s founders are an experienced team from the global technology and management consultant industries. They have been able to guide Kudo through a period of rapid growth in its early years and it is now a well-established company with several hundred staff.

 Kudo offers the sale of a wide variety of products, including clothing, household appliances, cosmetics, electronics and food. It has become a trusted reseller for merchants, enabling a secure and safe system for consumer financial transactions. More…

The Position: General Business Intern

Starting Date:

Flexible (from November 2016)

Duration of internship:


4 weeks



Project objective / key areas of engagement:

You will gain hands-on experience in multiple facets of the company. You will spend time in both the marketing and customer service departments. However, there is some flexibility to take the role in the most suitable direction, given your interests and skills.

Likely tasks / description of role:

Your role will be as a Business Intern. In this position, your general responsibilities may include, but will not be limited to:

·        Assisting to host gaming competitions and gain funding for events

·        Arranging the logistics for events

·        Developing relations with merchants and new partner companies

·        Aiding management with strategic planning (you may be involved in meetings, be required to documents plans, etc.)

·        Assisting the marketing team on new campaigns

·        Analysing and improving Kudo’s Digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, social media and analysis of data relating to each of these

Output required by intern:

Your output will generally be in the form of contributions to ongoing tasks, as detailed above.

Expected work hours:

9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday, with some flexibility


You will receive a living allowance of 3.5 million Rupiah (equivalent to about AUD 350) per month.

Dress Required:

Smart-casual. Both men and women can wear T-Shirts, but should have long pants and closed shoes or sandals with a strap around the heel (no thongs). You should also take some more formal clothes (business attire) for special meetings and events.

Requirements for intern


Flexible, but ideally suited to students doing a double degree with business and/or IT majors

Language abilities:

No Indonesian language is required but applicants must be fluent in English.


Kudo is an innovative company that offers a lot of benefits to its interns outside of work with free fitness classes, and social events such as bowling. This will be a great opportunity to network and build relationships outside of work.

Applications for this position are competitive. A skype interview will be required during the application process.

You are encouraged to bring your own laptop to this internship.

Please read as much as you can about Kudo prior to applying for this position, so that you are familiar with what the company does and the types of projects they are involved in.


The fee charged by International Internships (Service Provider) is in addition to the tuition fees for the unit. Accommodation and incountry support packages are optional but highly recommended.

Travel insurance is provided by Monash University. It will cover you for personal travel prior to and after your overseas program, and includes access to 24-hour a day medical and emergency assist services.

Details of the organisation, costs, payment process, cancellation and refund policy are detailed here.


  • New Colombo Plan Scholarship worth $3,000 each

To be eligible for scholarships you must be:

  • An Australian citizen
  • Enrolled as an undergraduate student

All students will be eligible for additional $900 Monash Abroad Travel bursary plus travel insurance.

Domestic students may be eligible for interest free government loan (like HECS) of upto $7,500 through OS-HELP.


1. You should meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in one of:

2. You should have checked with Arts Students Services to confirm that you have room in your degree for one of these units.

Application process:

Applications are open throughout the year. Apply 3-6 months in advance from the intended start date to allow time for processing.

Go to the Application form and submit your details and documentation.

Shortlisted candidates shall be invited for an interview.