Journalism Internship

Internships are available for Journalism students who wish to obtain practical experience in their field before graduation, while gaining academic credits towards their degree. 

If you wish to complete your degree with an extended major in Journalism, ATS3919 – Journalism Professional Placement  is a unit which is available for students.

For further information about minor/major/extended major in Journalism see the Monash Handbook.

Students must seek course advice from Arts Student Services to see if they satisfy the course rules and prerequisite requirement. To make a time to meet with a course advisor, go to book an appointment

To check the prerequisite for this unit, go to the ATS3919 Handbook entry.


How to apply

Step 1: Complete the Application form and Journalism Internship Proposal. Please send an email to: to indicate you have completed this process.

Step 2: If you have self-sourced the internship opportunity, you will need to complete the Journalism Internship – Terms of arrangement form (which needs to be signed by the host organisation). Please email the form to

Step 3:  ATS3919 unit coordinator Corinna Hente will review the application and advise you whether your internship application is approved.

To enrol: When the unit coordinator has approved your internship, you can go to the Arts Student Services to enrol into ATS3919. You should take with you an Enrolment Amendment Form that has been signed by unit coordinator Corinna Hente. You can get this form from the Arts Student Services office or request a copy via your student email account.

Please note that you will not be able to enrol via WES. 

Step 4: Once you have actually started your internship, you should sign the Student Acknowledgement (Journalism) form. This form should be returned via email to