Italian Language Internship at Prato

A possibility for internships for Italian language students exists in a new and exciting project that explores cross-cultural communication in language, where language is defined not only as ‘national language’ but also as discipline or vocation bound language.  This will be offered via ATS3948, or may also be taken as a MADA elective.

The Warp/Weft Interdisciplinary Studio will take place in Prato between 26 June and 12 July 2017, and will pair architecture/design students with arts/language students to explore the potential for weaving of communication across disciplines AND national languages. 

Students will work together on the creation of cultural artefacts (broadly understood) to investigate the experience of Prato as a centre of the textile industry through disciplinary perspectives and practices. In this context, students from the Arts faculty will bring to bear their experience of language acquisition and bi/multilingualism, as well as a critical understanding of the nature of cross-cultural communication and the creation of meaning through words. MADA students will contribute their expertise in the design and communication of creative outcomes, responding to multiple viewpoints and complex needs.

The intensive teaching delivery will culminate in a public exhibition of the outcomes of the studio.  The exhibition will also form the starting point for the Warp/Weft international conference (13-14 July), exploring approaches to interdisciplinary education and assessment.  Students will also be invited to contribute to the conference and resulting publications.



1. You should meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in one of:

Application Process:

Submit an Expression of Interest to  Beatrice Trefalt

You may have to attend an interview.