Internship Units in Arts

Internships in the Faculty of Arts allow undergraduate and graduate students to obtain practical experience in their field prior to graduation, while gaining academic credits towards their degree. These units may be counted towards any major as an elective where approved by the faculty. 

Students should seek course advice from Arts Student Services to see if they satisfy the course rules and prerequisite requirements. Below is the list of internship units available in the Faculty.

Undergraduate Units

ATS3129 – Arts Internship

ATS3130 – Arts International Internship

ATS3919 – Journalism Professional placement

ATS3918 – International Journalism Professional Project

ATS3836 – Victorian Parliamentary internship

ATS3775 – Theatre internship unit

ATS3948 – LLCL internship (undergraduate)

Postgraduate Unit

APG5044 – Professional Internships  


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How to enrol in ATS3919 Journalism professional placement?

How to enrol in ATS3948 LLCL internship?

How to enrol in ATS3918, ATS3836, ATS3775?

How to enrol in APG5044 Professional internships?