Internship at POLIN – Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Organisation Name: POLIN Museum
Location: Warsaw, Poland
No. of places available: 2
Suitable Discipline/s: History, Human Rights, Jewish Studies, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, International Studies, International Relations

About the Organisation

Polin is a new museum that opened in Warsaw in October 2014. The museum is housed in a shimmering glass building erected on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto facing the dramatic monument erected atop the rubble left when the Nazis crushed the ghetto uprising in 1943. Described as a “theatre of history,” the core exhibit uses state-of-the-art technology and multimedia installations to narrate 1,000 years of Polish Jewish history. The exhibition’s eight thematic and chronological galleries detail the complex ebb and flow of Jewish life in Poland from the early middle ages to the present, including periods of prosperity as well as persecution. More details…

About the Internship/s
Starting Date: Flexible
Duration: 30 hours/week – 180 hours – 6 weeks, exact details to be confirmed when applicant has been chosen

Role Description:
There is an excellent education team working with interns to provide a meaningful experience. The intern will have an opportunity to run dialogue groups discussing Polish-Jewish relations, help with projects being implemented at the museum and it will provide a valuable opportunity for the intern.

This would appeal to students that are travelling on the Final Journey: Remembering the Holocaust study tour

There are two options that have been proposed for the successful applicant:

  1. To work in the Education department
  • Helping create, in English, the material the guides use to help themselves give tours
    • Various age groups
    • Thematic tours
  • Monitoring English tours
    • To help the guides with their English
  • Researching information that can be included in the material used by the guides
    • Historical articles
    • Press
    • How guiding works at other museums
  • Create handouts for the young docents who sit in the exhibition
    • Vocab sheets of English terms for specific objects/events in the exhibition
  • Proofreading English materials
  • Become an assistant guide for family tours, groups with disabilities, VIP groups
    • The museum guide will give a normal tour for the parents
    • While the assistant guide looks after and engages the children
    • While assisting in guiding the groups of people with disabilities: helping to bring and carry the materials
    • While assisting with the VIP groups: giving them an additional tour of the Museum (telling them about the current program, different departments, Polish-Jewish relations)
  • If they have previous guiding experience – sharing their knowledge of the way of doing things at other museums
  1. To work in the Digital Collections department:
  • Virtual Shtetl
    • Proofreading texts that have been translated
    • Writing articles for Virtual Shtetl
      • About Jewish life in various towns
    • Possibility that during the regular academic year, while students are in Australia, they will interview members of their local Jewish community
  • Oral Interviews
    • Transcribe English interviews of witnesses of history
    • Organize and assist with interviews

Scholarships & Funding

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How to Apply

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for ATS3130 Arts International Internship. For ATS3948 Internship queries, please contact the WIL team via email

*Applications must be submitted 3-6 months prior to intended start date*